The three founders: CEO, Think a Little Bigger, LLC

Matt Roggen, CEO

Retail Master and a true visionary of 3D pathways.  Matt has a robust background in Management , Strategic Informatics, Retail, and International Sales.  Beyond being really awesome, his background, areas of expertise, and dedication to what 3D printing has to offer individuals and companies make Matt an ideal leader.  His ability to champion a framework for educating how Additive Manufacturing is, and will, challenge the standing concepts of manufacturing, product design, and consumer-product interaction  is what will allow Companies and Consumers to Think a Little Bigger.

In his spare time Matt enjoys spending time with his family and reading.


CTO, Think a Little Bigger, LLC

Matt Cushmann, CTO

Serial Tinker-er, OSHA specialist, and Nuclear Scientist, Matt is the master of the machines in our shop.  He is the reason the accountant has not shredded his way through expensive circuitry with a chainsaw.  Since we got him a 3-D printer, he has experienced an acute case of perma-grin.  Beyond being really good at calculating radioactive half-lives, Matt makes it his business to understand your technical needs.  His knowledge of available materials and manufacturing techniques allow our customers to find success regardless of challenging product designs and technical specifications.  When Matt is done, you will be able to Think a Little Bigger.

In his spare time, Matt plays board games, dances with the Salsa, and chills with his girlfriend.


CFO, Think a Little Bigger, LLC

Abram Whitehead, CFO

Analyst.  Abram has a background in, well... Financial Stuff.  He is a maker of business plans, lover of success, and semi-professional muse.  Although he projects himself as a bit silly sometimes, don't let that fool you.  He is serious, competitive, and determined.  Abram has a great ability to  find a financial pathway for all of our clients.  One of the most daunting tasks of product development is in the cost analysis of workflow.  One of our primary goals is to create demand for Additive Manufacturing through education.  For most of our clients, this means "How will this save us time AND money?"  With his background as an analyst,  Abram is able to take an  abstract concept of additive manufacturing into any living room or board room and document the cost reductions, and driven profit into an executive strategy.  When Abram is done, you will be able to Think a Little Bigger.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family of 3 girls (soon to be 4), driving the "V" (2007 CTS-V), and planning future conquests.