Here are some products we developed.


Salvador Dali Quill

A local customer was looking for a 3D printed quill for an international scavenger hunt and needed it within 2 days.  This is what we provided.  I like to think that she got some points for style.

The Great Wave.JPG

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

We designed a simple frame-like object, complete with a custom "matting" and adapted the image for the frame.

Great Wave Virtuals.jpg


Customed Source Check Jig

This was generated for a friend in the radiological waste remediation industry. He's the only guy I know that has his corporate logo on the equipment that ensure his Geiger counters are properly working.



Walking Desk Brackets

Who likes 1970's wallpaper? Actually, I'd like you to ignore the wallpaper and concentrate on the grey brackets attached to the treadmill.  They were key in turning a craigslist treadmill into a walking desk.  We can make them for you as well.  The brackets at least. Craigslist interactions are at your own risk.


Design Services are available at $75 per hour.  Initial consultations are free.