Meemaw and the Girls

We recently launched out flagship product, Forever Loved™.  We're pretty excited about it.  Our artists will a create lifelike image of your loved one in the classic Roman / Grecian style.  Using four to six photos, our artists first create the sculpture digitally.

Margret Bust - Latest.jpg

Once you have approved the sculpt, you decide how large it will be.  The 14" bust can be a centerpiece for a room that will draw the eye to your custom commissioned piece of art.  The  6" and 8" busts make for lovely display pieces in the china cabinet or bookshelf.  The 4" figurine can be placed anywhere you wish to have an image of your loved one.

14" Bust on a Display Shelf

 For the full size 14" bust, we deliver a hollow statue with a customized threaded locking cap.  If you wish, it can be used as an urn to contain ashes.  We also offer solid 4", 6", and 8" sizes with internal storage chambers.  Further information on the sizes can be found on our product page.


We are also offering custom cameos as well.  For a home where a bust just doesn't fit, how about a wall hanging?


Forever Loved™ is currently available in funeral homes throughout the St. Louis area.  If you would be interested in adding it to your selection room, please contact us