3-D Software

Professional 3D Printing in St. Louis

Join us at our new digs on February 20th from 12-1pm.  We will be showing off our new 3D systems ProJet 660pro and dropping some 3D printing knowledge. In addition to providing the crowd a better understanding of how we see 3D printing aiding the ascension of the business scene in St. Louis, we will be drawing names for two (2) free Mini-yous.  Two free what...

We will be providing a 3D capture to turn you into a 3 dimensional digital sculpture.  Then, we will print you off on our truly amazing 3D systems ProJet 660pro in full color.   Did you know that 3D Printing could be so cool?

Although the Mini-yous are cool, we think you will find the discussion of cost savings, shortening product-to-market cycles, fabrication using additive manufacturing, and improved market testing more valuable.

The Center for Emerging Technology is located at 4041 Forest Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108.

3D Printer in St. Louis?

It appears as though we have made a decision on where we will locate.  However, before I let the cat out of the bag, I have to make sure that the printer specialist they are sending to do the install can actually break this behemoth of a printer down into two pieces as it is too big to fit in the elevator...  Suspense Our 3d printer wont fit on the elevator...

Tracking Down a Software Solution...

Ever heard the phrase "the right tool for the right job?"  Wow.  You'd almost think they had software in mind when they said that.  As any small to mid-sized company knows, getting a software to do exactly what you want off the shelf is near impossible.  With limited budgets we are often forced to create of collage of software programs to accomplish our daily tasks. 

Before I get all preachy on the difficulties of small business management, we think we are very close to finding the magic cocktail of software programs to bring us into operations.  After that it is going to come down to machine selections.

Think a Little Bigger, LLC is ALIVE!!!!!

I wish I could print a witty start to this blog... Ohh well. Just in case you didn't know;  Think a Little Bigger, LLC is devoted to all things not flat (We specialize in 3-D printing).  Whether you are creating a new product, inventing a new machine, needing a replacement part that is out of circulation, or just wanting to print something fun, we are ready to act as your personal Additive Manufacturing Professionals.

Our approach is not like the printing warehouses out there.  We are ready to walk you through the process with personal contact, dedication, reliability, and confidentiality.

Send us an email today to see how we can print your item to life.