Advances in computers and our partnership with artists now allow us to turn plain old photographs into 3D models.  How awesome is that?

Baby 2.JPG
Baby Collage 1.jpg

Remember a Moment

This is Abe's Daughter

In these photo's, she is just 4 days old.  She won't stay this small for long.  That's why Abram took a bunch of photos.  But rather than just leave them on his computer to look at occasionally, he created something grand.

Cake Toppers and Figurines


Cake Toppers have lately gone out of style.  We mean to change that.  But not with the traditional boring mass produced plastic figures.  We want people to do something different, something original.  In the picture above, you can see a friend captured doing something she loves: climbing.  Admittedly, she normally climbs things more interesting than highly reflective brochure holders.  In a few months, she will be climbing her wedding cake.  I like the think that we have made her special day a bit more special.  What can we do for you?

Forever Loved™

This is Abe's MeeMa.  Seems like a great lady.  While she has passed, there are still those who love her.  To help remember her, Abe had a custom bust commissioned.  TLB's digital artists then used a combination of automatic facial construction software and some serious 3D modeling skill to create a lasting tribute to her.

Margret Bust - Latest.jpg

Abe still loves you MeeMa.

Abe's Grandma.jpg